Dear All,


I would like to let you know that I’ve decided to close our premisses for the time being. Slow Beauty is all about mindfulness, community, and being kind to ourselves and the world around us. Therefore, I feel it is our re

sponsibility to do our part in this moment of hardship, and aid in the attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19.


This is not a time to panic or promote general histeria. More than ever, this is a time to come together and do what’s best for our community. COVID-19 is highly infectious, and can be spread by those who show no symptoms. Even if we were to adopt certain safety measures, like checking people’s temperature before they enter our premisses, there’d be no guarantee that they aren’t carrying the virus. We have reached a point where simply washing our hands and maintaining high standards of hygiene is no longer enough. From all the specialized information that is currently available, avoiding unessential forms of social interaction is the best course of action, as it slows down the spread of the coronavirus.


While it is true that COVID-19 isn’t particularly deadly, it still poses a great threat to our more vulnerable population: the elderly, the immunosuppressed, those with pre-existing health conditions, or who are undergoing harsh medical treatments. Roughly 5-10% ( of confirmed coronavirus patients need beds in the ICU, or other forms of emergency medical treatment. By slowing down the rate of infection, we are preventing the collapse of the NHS, and guaranteeing that everyone who needs medical attention has access to it. We have a limited amount of doctors, space, and medical supplies; thus is it essential that we flatten the coronavirus’ exponential curve of spread, so that the number of people in need of help never surpasses the limits of our resources. 


Since most of the services we offer involve direct and close physical contact, I believe that closing our premisses is the best thing we can do for both our clients and our staff. As a small business owner, this was a very difficult decision, especially because our staff will be on paid leave and we still have to pay our rent quarterly, but we trust we will have the continued support of our community when we do eventually reopen. We are still unsure of how long this closure will last, but are paying close attention to the recommendations from all relevant health organisations.


Our deepest apologies to anyone who had pre-booked an appointment with us for the next few weeks. We will keep you all informed of any developments on the situation. Meanwhile, please stay safe, and take all possible precautions to protect not only yourselves, but those around you. Together we are stronger, and can overcome any adversity with our generosity, common sense, and high spirits.


Best wishes,


Gloria Portella, Founder

Slow Beauty London®


Our founder is a skilled life coach and mindfulness practitioner with more than 10 years experience. She developed a mindfulness-based therapy to help people who are facing major stressors in life.


If you are feeling particularly anxious because of the spread of COVID-19, please, email her on She will gladly offer you support via Skype video calls, free of charge, for the weeks to come.

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